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The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has recently reached a tentative agreement with the Ontario government. The agreement is said to have been reached after weeks of negotiation between the two parties and will now be put to the ETFO members for ratification.

The tentative agreement comes after a long period of tension between the ETFO and the government. Teachers in Ontario have been protesting for better working conditions and pay for some time now. The ETFO had been calling for a 2% pay raise per year and an increase in sick day allowances, among other things. The government had been pushing back, saying that the proposed raises were too high and not feasible.

Despite this, the ETFO and the government have managed to reach a tentative agreement. Details of the agreement have not been made public yet, but it is rumored that the agreement allows for a 1% pay raise per year and an increase in sick day allowances. It is also said to include provisions for class size reductions and increased support for students with special needs.

If the agreement is ratified by the ETFO members, it will bring an end to the ongoing dispute between the teachers and the government. It will also bring a sense of relief to the parents and students who have been affected by the ongoing protests and strikes.

The tentative agreement comes at a time when there is increasing pressure on the Ontario government to address the concerns of the province’s teachers. With other teacher unions also in negotiations with the government, the outcome of this tentative agreement could set a precedent for future negotiations.

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